AFCCL'S Employees are BORN NOT MADE!

Why work for AFCCL?

We Play to Win

We are swinging for the fences and getting noticed. A structured access to Global Market is long overdue in Bangladesh and we are the first one to try to facilitate such a market. As a result we are very close to set ourselves up to be a vital component in the economy of the country. If you have good understanding of Structured Finance, Global Markets and/or Complicated Financial Products and have a Type A personality, then this is your domain and it is your time to win!

Rapidly Growing

We are growing faster than ever expected and we are in the correct track to poise ourselves for a highly accelerated growth. We are currently working with all types of local and overseas Financial and Non-Financial Institutions (Please check our Achievements page for a detailed list). We look for talented and driven individuals who are good at Mathematics and Analytics, and may or may not have had the same job before, but can survive in two hours of sleep daily and still figure it out with a cup of coffee!

Bring On The Fun

Whether in our client office doing sales pitch, brainstorming during team meeting for complicated financial structuring solution, working in Global Markets or for our rare "Happy Hours" far away from the hustling of the city, we believe it's not worth doing if you can't have fun along the way. We believe in play hard and work harder. After-all, what can be more fun than dealing with large sums of money!

Global Business

AFCCL is the first company in Bangladesh to facilitate Global Trading from Bangladesh and design Financial Derivative products. As a result, we have become a focus of interest to all the local and international companies including Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions such as Asset Managers, Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Security Traders, Commodity Manufacturers and Distributors, and Institutional Investors, who want to work with derivative products and invest in Global Markets. In short, if you are dealing with any kind of Derivative Products and Global Markets in Bangladesh, you are dealing with us. You will get opportunities to be the center of focus for a lot of these companies as you work in different projects and this network will help you to go a long way!

We are Connected

Find us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Being social is an important part of AFCCL's culture and we appreciate it. Unfortunately no one is allowed to take pictures in ours' or any of our clients' offices to share it as profile picture later, sorry!

What AFCCL is looking for?

Creative and Hardworking

AFCCL is looking for creative and hardworking career oriented individuals who are problem solvers. We are looking for leaders of tomorrow who can fill up the vital gaps in the growing organization.

Educational Requirements

AFCCL encourages applicants from all different backgrounds and does not discriminate solely based on the educational background. Though a good understanding of Computer Programming, Statistics and Finance is an added benefit.

What is the application procedure?

The application procedures for each positions are detailed below.

If you..

Want to work in an environment that values truth and openness in the pursuit of innovation, excellence and quality relationships.... Want to discover your strengths and weaknesses and work hard to get better fast... Have the need to understand what makes sense rather than to follow instructions... Can put aside ego barriers to learning... Demand others to be truthful and open with you and you are willing to be truthful and open with them... Want meaningful work and meaningful relationships...

...Come to AFC CAPITAL

Sorry currently no position is available!