Our Views

At AFCCL, our overriding objective is excellence, or more precisely, constant improvement. We believe that producing excellence requires approaching both work and people in a principled way. Above all else, we want to find out what is true and figure out how best to deal with it. We value independent thinking and innovation, recognizing that independent thinking generates disagreement and innovation requires making mistakes. To foster this thinking and innovation, we maintain an environment of radical openness, even though that honesty can be difficult and uncomfortable. At AFCCL each individual has the right and the obligation to ensure that what they do and what we do collectively in pursuit of excellence makes sense to them. Everyone is encouraged to be both assertive and open-minded in order to build their understanding and discover their best path. The types of disagreements and mistakes that are typically discouraged elsewhere are expected at Bridgewater because they are the fuel for the learning that helps us maximize the utilization of our potential. It is through this unique culture that we have produced the meaningful work and meaningful relationships that those who work here and our clients have come to expect. To help communicate what it’s like here, some of the people who work at AFCCL describe it in the videos below. I am also posting my Principles, which we use, debate and change to agree on how we should be with each other in our pursuit of excellence.


Along with our reputation, our people are our most valuable asset. We believe no barrier should inhibit an individual from performing to his or her full potential.


We understand that our collective diversity is our strength and are committed to creating an inclusive organization where everyone can succeed based on merit. We hire and develop people with unique experiences and diverse backgrounds because we believe that is a fundamental part of strengthening our global business capabilities.


Our values are reflected in the way that we conduct our business and in the results that we consistently achieve for our clients. We believe that shareholders will benefit as we do the right thing for our clients and the communities we serve.


We are committed to doing business in a way that benefits our clients, employees and shareholders, and has a positive impact on the communities in which we operate around the world. We see these goals as complementary, not mutually exclusive. Our business approach is grounded in the belief that we do the most good by doing what we are good at — developing market-based solutions that enable our clients to meet their strategic goals. Responsibility is at the center of our environmental and employee engagement efforts, which are focused on: • Assisting organizations serving the base of the economic pyramid. • Helping clients manage the challenges and opportunities of a low carbon economy.


We see sustainability as a necessary component of longevity, and believe the financial services industry can play an important role in helping governments, corporations and individuals especially in Bangladesh transition to a low carbon economy. With operations and capabilities ranging from origination to risk management, AFCCL is uniquely positioned to develop comprehensive solutions to our clients’ most complex environmental challenges.

In addition to offering financial solutions, the firm is committed to advancing the public discourse on the pressing need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As global policies evolve, we will continue to address the environmental challenges that are most important to our clients and our firm.